Best Places to Propose in Chicago

Best Places to Propose in Chicago

Whether you’re planning a snowy trip to the Windy City or a summer vacay to go see the World Champ baseball team, Chicago is a gorgeous town with lots of romantic places to propose. Here are a couple popular (and not so popular) ideas:

    1. Sears Tower
      Not scared of heights? Perfect! With gorgeous views, the Sears Tower can’t be beat. Take her up to the 108th floor and get down on one knee. It’ll be a jaw-dropping proposal for sure!
    2. Art of Institute of Chicago
      The feelings that art puts among all of us. Have them block off a room for you to set up in and have your significant other walk in on you and all this gorgeous artwork. The Art Institute would be a romantic, yet unusual, place that no one will expect. (Image Credit Click Here)
      Where to Propose in Chicago
    1. The Bean
      I’m sure you’ve heard of this incredible landmark, but why not make it even more special? This gorgeous piece of artwork is historical to the city and is smack dab in the middle of everything.
    2. North Avenue Beach
      Talk about a stunning skyline view! Plus, the water backdrop couldn’t be dreamer. It’s seriously perfect for a proposal! (Image Credit Click Here)
      Where to Propose in Chicago
    1. Top of the Ferris Wheel
      Everyone has a thriller in them and what better way to wow your SO than to propose at the top of a Ferris Wheel overlooking the city of Chicago? What better way to pull out a ring than to surprise her on this gorgeous ride? Navy Pier has everything and more so take advantage after it with a small party or dinner with friends and family.
    2. Cubs Game
      So you and your significant other are big sports fan? You’ve always wanted to go to a Cubs game and see Wrigley Field. Why not surprise her with a proposal before the game? That’ll be a homerun!
    3. Millennium Park Fountain
      This is probably my favorite hence why I’ve said it for the last. Chicago is known for their gorgeous views and scenery, from The Bean to the Fountain, there’s a gorgeous spot in every inch of this park. The fountain has to be my favorite spot because just look at it. Try to even pull off a nighttime proposal with candles lighting up to the fountain. So many ideas. (Image Credit Click Here)
      Where to Propose in Chicago


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