Tips for Proposing During the Holidays

Tips for Proposing During the Holidays

We saw lots of proposals over Thanksgiving last week, and with Christmas right around the corner, there are a lot of engagement announcements that will start popping up within the next few weeks.  There’s something so romantic about proposing over the holidays, so if you’re feeling the love lately and thinking about popping the question, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1.  Take advantage of Christmas traditions and activities.
Using her favorite Christmas activities in the proposal is the perfect way to not only ensure that she’s enjoying herself, but also that she won’t suspect that anything is going on.  Chopping down the tree, ice skating, and gingerbread house competitions are all super cute ways to propose without her catching on ahead of time.
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2.  Make the moment extra sentimental.
Does she have a favorite Christmas memory?  Take her back to her favorite childhood spot, or make the Christmas dinner her Grandma used to make when she was little.  Tapping into those warm, sappy feelings with make the moment extra romantic and oh so memorable!

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3.  Include family and friends.
Christmas is definitely a time to be surrounded by loved ones, so if she’s close to her family, why not include them in the proposal?  It will be a moment that everyone would be happy to be a part of, and that she would love to have them in on.

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4.  Don’t propose on the actual holiday.
While the season of Christmas is warm and cozy, the actual day itself can be stressful if there are many places to go and things to do.  Also, the holiday is about much more than your engagement, and it wouldn’t be fair to take all the attention for yourself when all family members should be visiting.

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5.  Don’t get carried away with the eggnog.
This goes for all proposals… whether the nerves are getting the best of you, or you’re having a little too much fun, save the alcohol until the post-proposal celebration.  Slurring your words and wobbling on one knee is not the best way to get a “YES!”


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