Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Groom Edition

Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Groom Edition

A few months ago we posted the perfect wedding day emergency kit, complete with all the tools any bride could possibly need for any last-minute catastrophes that may occur.  This week, we’ve put together the same kit, but geared towards the groom. So here is what your groom might need on the big day…

Grooms wedding day emergency kit

  1. Cologne– Cologne is extra important on a wedding day!  The Bride and Groom will both relive the day every time they smell that scent, so it’s important to choose a good one! (Image Credit: Miss Borg’s Classroom)
  2. Dress Socks– Socks or other small accessories are hard to remember.  An extra pair of black dress socks will ensure that the Groom won’t walk down the aisle in white athletic socks. (Image Credit: Gap.com)
  3. Shaving Kit– A clean shave on wedding day is important for both the Groom and Groomsmen.  In case someone forgets to shave, has a bad razor blade, or seriously needs some aftershave, the shaving kit will have you covered! (Image Credit: Beauty Bar)
  4. Stain Remover– If the Groom is planning on seeing his mom, aunt, grandma, the bride, or any other female before the ceremony begins, expect someone’s makeup to end up on the suit. (Image Credit: Tide.com)
  5. Lint Roller– The key to looking sharp on your wedding day lies in the suit, and it won’t look crisp covered in lint and cat hair! (Image Credit: Container Store)
  6. Safety Pins– Unless one of the Groomsmen are sewing professionals, safety pins are the best bet for any clothing mishaps and tears. (Image Credit: Gallery Hip)
  7. Advil– Just in case the Groom has a headache or needs to get over the night before, he can take an Advil, and still be okay to drink a little alcohol at the wedding. (Image Credit: Sam’s Club)
  8. Hair Gel– Even if the Groom isn’t big on styling his hair, you never know when a cowlick will decide to act up! (Image Credit: Redken.com)
  9. Deodorant– nerves, outdoor weddings, and just being a man… all things that will make you sweat. Deodorant is something you definitely don’t want to forget! (Image Credit: Amazon.com)

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