Wedding Wednesday: 5 Foolproof Ways to Involve the Groom in Wedding Planning

Wedding Wednesday: 5 Foolproof Ways to Involve the Groom in Wedding Planning

It takes two to tango in weddings and marriages. While it looks like a bride’s world out there with the many fittings, food tasting, and brainstorming sessions, the groom can and is very much welcome to step in and take part in planning for this life-changing occasion. It is also his wedding, after all.

The bride will surely welcome the input and the company that her future husband brings to the table. Burden sharing is a beautiful trait for couples to have as they move from saying “I do” to sharing housework and parenting duties later on. For the brides out there, get you a groom who will be there 100 percent. For the grooms, it’s never too late to step up your game, and this article will show you how.

Getting the Groom Involved

It’s a widespread belief that men tend to shy away from the nitty-gritty details of the wedding, being very much content to be on the sidelines, giving out noncommittal answers, and looking bored during meetings. Men may seem that way, but the evidence backing this prevailing belief is anecdotal and about to change.

The road to the big day may be stressful, tedious, and arduous with stops, detours, and turns. It is during these crucial moments when the groom can help his lady.

Get Him on Board Him Early On

Sometimes, the years of letting the brides do all the initial planning and the expectation that they will do just fine may have encouraged the men to step back and be a spectator in their wedding. That won’t be the case if the groom has been on the project from the start.

The groom, at the bride’s insistence, can help with the overall picture of what they want or need for the wedding ceremony and reception. It’s interesting to note that the wedding day itself is filled with surprises and, sometimes, misses—the groom can undoubtedly do something to ease or remedy the situation to the best of his knowledge.

Collaborate and plan well, lovebirds.

Ask His Opinion about the Budget

Weddings nowadays cost an average of $33,000 upward. That’s a lot of money involved. Regardless of who is (1) paying more and (2) footing what for the wedding, the goal is to spend within a given budget.

The bride and the groom will have to put their heads together to come up with a workable budget that will put everything in order without breaking the bank. Money is always a sensitive topic and a huge matter in marriages. The couple will have to be open about finances especially if they are going to take on additional debt for the wedding.

For his part, the groom has to express his opinion on the wedding expenses, or he’ll forever hold his peace.

Get His Attention to Details

Brides have, undoubtedly, a lot of pressure on their hands as they are “required” to put in all the hard work. It also does not help that they have to be at their best and most beautiful when they walk down the aisle. With the groom being on board, the bride can hand over tasks that he can do.

The groom can deal with the invitation, sound and lighting, catering, and seating. Working out the contracts, coordinating with the suppliers, and giving heads-up to the bride are a tall order and no small victory when accomplished.

Kudos to the groom for keeping it together.

Get Him and the Boys Together

As the big day draws near, the jitters can get on everyone’s nerves such that a clean break is in order. The bride takes her maidens for a beauty rest while the groom hauls off his groomsmen for a day of fun and relaxation or perhaps a bachelor party.

This break is the best time for some catching up with old friends and to get to know the male members of the bride’s family. They can play sports, go for a short drive, enjoy cocktails, or head over to the spa for some pampering.

You’d be surprised at the many things that the groom and his entourage, when energized, are capable of doing to make the wedding perfect.

Let Him Shop Thank-You Gifts

The wedding is a success, thanks to everyone’s hard work and dedication. The couple may show their appreciation to everyone by sending out small yet well-thought-out gifts to friends, family, or those heavily involved in the planning process.

Yes, the groom can take the lead in the gift giving with quirky groomsmen gift ideas for the fellows. He will probably have to let his wife take care of the keepsakes for the ladies.

It will mean a difference to the bride’s peace of mind for the groom to help out in the best way he can. Maybe he’s just waiting for anyone to ask his opinion or input. Men can be shy sometimes, so it’s best to tell them upfront that they have to take ownership of their wedding.

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