Amber + Donald’s Proposal in Spain

Amber + Donald’s Proposal in Spain

I just love these two! Amber and Donald’s engagement is so genuine; Donald is shaking as he drops to one knee and Amber embraces the moment as a small crowd watches as the two get engaged in Spain! Donald asked another English speaking couple to film the big moment and without further ado, here it is!

Proposal Video

Amber shared with us her side of the story. I adore that Amber wrote it as if it were a love letter to her new fiance.

You’ve been wanting to take me to this park since we arrived in Spain. After a few crazy metro rides and getting pointed in the right direction by a Spaniard couple who took pity on our wandering, we finally arrive at Parque Guell. We came from above the park and had to make our way down to the platform. The view was incredible and people were lined along the edges having coffee, taking photos or peering through telescopes. We made our way downstairs where rows and rows of columns were holding up the platform. There happened to be a cello player and a violinist there playing beautiful music. I wanted to go down and see the little mosaic gingerbread houses and you thought we should spend more time by the columns first. There were vendors there, selling very random trinkets and a small crowd gathered around the musicians. So, we join them in enjoying the music. You were a little disengaged it seemed, so I asked you, “why aren’t you filming this amazing music?!” You get out the Flip and start filming. You were still acting a bit weird and were standing behind me. Then you leave me, tell me to wait a minute, you’ll be right back. You come back tap me on the shoulder and say, “babe…” you unzipped your jacket and started trying to open pockets. I said, “what are you doing…?” almost scared and nervous because at that point I knew what was coming. You grabbed just my right hand with both of your hands and started saying how you love me so much. I took my right hand away and gave you my left. I don’t remember all of the words because I was nervous, too. Then you got down on one knee and said that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me and asked me to marry you. I said yes. You were holding the wrong fingers and I pretty much had to give you my ring finger. It was so adorable and you were so nervous you were shaking. I have never seen you so nervous. You tried to put the ring on but it stopped mid way at my knuckle and at a few attempts and nervous laughs from me, you just got up, picked me up and gave me a big hug. I fought away a few tears and enjoyed the new thrill of it all while you were more relieved than anything. We walked back to the couple to find that the guy you gave the camera to didn’t film it right so we have just a few clips. Afterwards we listened to the music a few more minutes, even though I couldn’t hear anything because all I kept thinking about was being engaged!


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