Bridal Miracle Kit

Bridal Miracle Kit

In just a few short weeks, my beautiful best friend will be marrying the love of her life and just in the nick of time… I think that is finally starting to set in for her. She can’t help herself from worrying about travel plans for guests, last minute décor, and the idea that somehow everything will end up a mess when they finally go to say, “I do.” When she’s in those times of need, I try to remind her that regardless of what happens, she will still walk away the happiest person from that night. What she doesn’t know is that I’m putting together a kit of things to prevent the little catastrophes from taking over her focus on her big day, in order for her to be able to enjoy everything that does go right. If your friend is in need of a bride miracle kit, don’t forget these few items to save the day.

  • Sustenance- a girl’s gotta eat, and chances are the bride is not too focused on that right now. Pack some granola bars, trail mix, or even a cup of goldfish to make sure she is snacking and keeping up her strength
  • Water- Keep your bride hydrated. Chances are she’ll need it when the music comes on and the new couple takes to the dance floor. Make sure she knows you’ll be there to hold her dress when she needs it
  • Sewing kit with extra safety pins- we may not know how to use it, but if the need arises we’ll be prepared! Any loose thread, last minute hemming, or detail falling apart will be no match against her prepared bridesmaids
  • Tylenol, blister treatment, and eye drops- I want to make sure she not only looks the best, but also feels in tip top shape as well
  • Tissues- Yes for her, but mostly for me. Seeing her walk down the aisle and into her future will have me needing a Kleenex or two. Chances are, I’ll also have to pass one to the groom :)

There are so many cute ways to package these and customize them for the bride! Include her wedding colors, pictures of the two of you from the past, and even encouraging notes to get her through the day!

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Kit Credits: Teal Suitcase Kit ; Mason Jar Kit ; Box Emergency Kit 

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