Fairy Light Inspiration

Fairy Light Inspiration

Fairy lights, also known as twinkle lights, are always a big request around here. But, a common mis-conception about them is that they are not the same as standard Christmas lights. Fairy lights are much smaller in size and have a more whimsical and dainty feeling.

Fairy Light Decor
These charming lights can be used in various ways for your marriage proposal or wedding! Examples would be to place them in lanterns or orbs:

fairy light wedding decor fairy light proposal inspiration

Or you can use them to string along and create an archway (around a mirror, sign, or even lounge area!)

fairy light wedding inspiration
And of course, you can even use fairy lights to create stunning chandeliers

fairy light chandelier
So how are you going to use these romantic lights to create your special moment?


Image credits: Fairy Lights | Twinkle Lights in Lanterns | Twinkle Lights in Glass Orbs | Fairy Lights around Hammock | Fairy Lights around Mirror Sign | Fairy Light Chandelier

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