Famous and Fabulous Marriage Proposal

Famous and Fabulous Marriage Proposal

This is definitely one of my favorite proposals we’ve helped with so far. Ryan and Jennifer are both big fans of New York City but don’t get to the city very often. Jennifer had always wanted to see a Broadway show so Ryan took her to see “Mamma Mia” one evening. We wanted to get a little more creative then just an “on stage” proposal so this is what we did.

At the end of the show, Jennifer and Ryan walked out of the theater as expected. However, when Jennifer stepped outside she was overwhelmed with strangers walking up to her, handing her roses, and saying things like “congratulations” and “you’re amazing.” She had no idea what was happening or why she was getting roses. On the other hand, Ryan knew exactly why but played dumb. Finally, Ryan pointed out in the playbill, “Hey, maybe they think you are one of the actresses. You do look like this actress.”

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Previously, Ryan had printed out a photo and description of Jennifer explaining why she was so amazing; he slipped it inside his “Mamma Mia” playbill. Jennifer read the page (about her) and at the end of the description it said, “Jennifer’s boyfriend hopes she will be engaged tonight.” That is when Ryan got down on one knee, in front of the theatre, and proposed! For the icing on the cake, a limo was waiting in front of the theatre to drive the couple to their first date spot for an engagement party with their families.

If you are wondering how Ryan distributed flowers to strangers, he asked Jennifer’s sister to help pass out the roses. She was also hiding in the crowd taking photos of the entire proposal. I just love this story. He gave her a star-worthy proposal but still kept it personal and unique. Congrats again you two!



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