Filming Your Proposal is a Must. We’ll Prove It.

Filming Your Proposal is a Must. We’ll Prove It.

The moment you drop to one knee, and ask your girl to marry you will (or should be) one of your favorite moments together. Saying “yes” before “I do” is a huge deal so why wouldn’t you want it on film? Some may blame it on nerves but truth be told, you’ll be nervous either way, and your girlfriend will find that rather adorable, so get out a video camera and capture that moment! Still not convinced? Watch the video below!

Why Film Your Proposal?

Remember The Moment. You’re girlfriend will be overwhelmed with the surprise. She’ll try to grasp what is about to happen, and will not hear half of your words you say (aka your proposal speech). Chances are she will ask you to repeat what you said later so she can listen to your words; film it and you just have to hit play.

Share The Moment. It’s a special and private moment and most guys don’t invite all their friends and family to attend. Instead of telling your proposal story dozens of time, trust us this will happen, you can share the proposal video at your engagement party or email it to your loved ones. It’s the perfect solution. You don’t have to invite everyone to watch, but they can still feel a part of the celebration when they watch the video.

Savor the Moment. An edited video just enhances a memory. Videographers can really transform a wonderful memory into a complete masterpiece. Although nothing beats a professional, if you’re budget doesn’t accommodate video, softwares like Flip and iMovie allow you to do some basic and pretty slick editing yourself; therefore, ask a friend to film.

Dave + Kristen Engagement from AQUA VIVUS on Vimeo.

Check out the amazing proposal video above from Aqua Vivus. This guy did it right. This couple will definitely be watching their proposal story with their kiddos one day.

I hope videotaping proposals not only becomes a trend but a must for every couples sake.




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