How to save for out of state weddings

How to save for out of state weddings

Out of state weddings seem to happen more often than not. Especially if you went to college out of state there is a good chance you will be flying back to that state for a wedding. Heather went to school in Colorado and I went to school in Texas, so we know what it feels like to be flying to out of state weddings. I just got back from one in North Carolina last weekend and Heather is catching a flight to Chicago today.

So how do you afford all of these out of state weddings? Here is our breakdown of a few helpful tips to not break the bank!

1. As soon as you know the date, start budgeting. 

Even if it is $10 a month, set it aside. My husband used to make fun of me because I would have an envelope titled “gas or ticket” that I would put money into once a month. He wasn’t laughing when we had the gas money we needed 6 months later!

2. Check other hotels in the area other than the one or two the bride and groom have suggested.

Maybe you have points you can use or there is a better deal than the hotel they found.

3. Share a room/ Share a car.

If you are able to drive try to carpool so you can split gas. Or if you are renting a car and room see if friends will go in on it with you!

4. Pack light so you don’t have to pay the luggage fees!

Know exactly what the out of town wedding weekend looks like and bring exactly what you need.

5. Think of friends or family in the area you could stay with for free!

We have stayed with friends even if it meant driving an extra 30 minutes to an hour to the wedding site.

6. Pack food for breakfast or find a hotel that includes a complimentary breakfast.

If you are in the wedding you will have two free dinners, if you are not and you fly in the night before pack granola bars or cereal to eat for breakfast the next morning. It will lessen how many meals you have to pay for!

7. Carry on the gift.

If you don’t want to pay for shipping, put it in a department store bag and carry it on the plane with you.

8. Ask the hotel you are staying at if they provide a free shuttle to and from the airport.

9. Where a dress or tie that you wore to another wedding in a different state!

Most likely not a lot of the same people will be at this wedding that was at the last wedding in your state. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Especially between rehearsal dinners and weddings!

10. Make the most of the trip.

Before the wedding look up free attractions in the area you can visit. Might as well soak in the full experience and get the most for your money!

Good Luck!





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