How to Customize Your Wedding!

How to Customize Your Wedding!

Nowadays weddings are just getting bigger and more elaborate. Everyone wants to outdo the other, but when you think about it, they all kind of run together. When planning your wedding, remember to make it special and unique to you and your significant other. This is really important to consider because remember why you are getting married, and it’s not for one big party. Here are some ways to make your wedding your own and customize it!

    1. Koozies: These are a super big hit with the weddings nowadays. Most bars are serving cold drinks, so pop one of these on and everyone is reppin’ your names!
      styled shoot with wedding personalized decor


    1. Napkins: Napkins are a cute way to display your names, dates, etc. They are easy to make and can be done in bulk.
    2. Custom Wedding Monogram: These are so incredible. They can be shown anywhere and everywhere you can imagine. On the the napkins would be adorable, but even better would be on a custom pillow in your lounge area!
      wedding lounge with custom pillow


    1. Decorations: For your decorations, while framed photos are always a hit, mix it up with custom playing cards! This would be another cute place to add your monogram, but you can also have your engagement pictures printed on the playing cards as well!
    2. Favors: I have seen some very cute favors over the years. Incorporate your new name in a cute riddle tied to a favor, get some M&Ms with your new last name on them, or make it a champagne bottle with a new wrapping saying thank you from the both of you. Oh yeah, and those playing cards from the Decorations Idea would be great “thank yous” too!
      wedding lounge with personalized games and custom cards


  1. Food: This one is by far my favorite and the cutest, I think, but I’m a little biased to grandma’s home-style cooking. Have a catering company willing to make some dishes that are not of their norm? Have grandma or Aunt Jenny to write up the recipe you’ve grown up eating and incorporate it into dinner.   This will give your wedding guests an idea of how the both of you grew up and what you enjoy.

All photos from Perry Vaile via SimplyJessicaMarie

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