I Couldn’t Have Planned The Proposal Better Myself ;)

I Couldn’t Have Planned The Proposal Better Myself ;)

This is the amazing video that Chris Babbitt from Proview Video created of Tommy and my proposal!

Kendall and Tommy Proposal Video from Heather Vaughn on Vimeo. Filmed by Proview video.

This is my version of the proposal and photos below…

Our proposal story starts by my fiancé, Tommy, filling out a fake questionnaire for our business. Towards the end of July Heather sent us all a questionnaire for a couple from Arizona named Allie MaCintyre and Brad Shannon. As I read through the questionnaire I found out that they has been dating for a few years and would venture to Orange County often cause Allie had family down here. Brad wanted to propose somewhere in Dana Point, and incorporate her love for art and Mexican food (where they went on their first date). Brad wanted The Yes Girls there to help set up and film the proposal. We also hired our friend Melissa to take pictures. I had a very busy two weeks and gave Heather my ideas, but didn’t think much of it. I told her to just tell me where to be, what time and what to bring.

As Sunday rolled around, I began to ask Heather more questions, she was vague on details and continued to say Becca had already taken care of most of it. She did tell me to make one of our, “She Said Yes” signs that “Allie” could hold after the proposal. Sunday came and I was definitely feeling a bit confused, but not wanting to think too much into it, especially since Tommy had asked me on Saturday to go look at rings (well done on his part). I drove to Melissa’s (the photographer) so that we could drive together down to Heritage Park in Dana Point. Becca was meeting us there and Heath was directing from Nor Cal. I noticed that Melissa was on her phone a lot in the car but, again, didn’t want to jump to conclusions because it wasn’t too unusual for her.

We finally arrived to the park, which overlooks Dana Point Harbor, and parked. A concert had just ended and there were people scattered around. Melissa told me to stand by the entrance and hold up the “She Said Yes” sign I had made so she could fix her lighting. I’m not going to lie, holding that sign I felt pretty silly, especially because secretly I wanted to be holding that sign for real. Plus, we were at the same place Tommy and I had come after we had gone on a dinner date at a Mexican Restaurant in Laguna (oh how creative on his end for filling out the questionnaire!) Little did I know…

I finally turned around and saw Becca standing by stairs that led up to a concrete patio. As soon as I saw Becca, my eyes went directly to everything already set up. I saw candles and roses and my stomach dropped. I walked through a crowd of people, not even noticing any of them singing Jimmy Buffett songs, and I knew. I walked up the steps and turned to Melissa and Becca and I think muttered the words, “You guys are sneaky.” They told me to sit at the table and read the book.

As I sat down I began to read a scrapbook that Tommy had made by himself (yes he scrap booked in a store with women for many hours). It was called, “Tommy and Kendall: The Journal of Love.” It had all of our moments together for the past four years: Christmases, college, first date, vacations, friends and family. The joke with people is how many weddings we go to. Well, the last two pages were pictures of all the weddings we have been in and attended. Finally the last page said, “Now it’s our turn!” When I finished the last page Tommy, who had been standing at a distance behind me watching me read the book, walked around the corner. The cloud above my head kept getting bigger. He immediately went to a knee, and the rest…well you and I both listened to what he said on the video.

Of course I said “Yes”, then next thing I knew, Heather and Lindsay (the other Yes Girls) ran around the corner and surprised me! Our family friend Chris, who owns ProView Video was filming and Tommy’s friend, Pat, jumped out of the bushes with a flip camera. Once I hugged everyone still crying and shaking we sat down at the table for two he had created. He explained that the two bottles of wine at the table were for us to enjoy one tonight, and then save the other for our 25th wedding anniversary. There was a box with the letter R, my new last name, with a hand-written letter in it. Tommy told me that the box will go on our nightstand, so that he can write me notes for the rest of our lives. There were chocolate covered strawberries, and my roommate had painted a portrait of him proposing to me (which was my idea for Allie and Brad).

To top it all off, after we left Heritage Park we went to my aunt and uncle’s home where he had planned a surprise engagement party with all our family and friends….sighhhh I couldn’t have planned it better myself!  ;)


The Future Mrs. Rodriguez!

Photos by Miss Meliss Photography


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