Proposing With Your Pet

Proposing With Your Pet

It’s no secret that we absolutely ADORE when pets are included in proposals.  If your fur baby is a big part of your relationship, why not have them involved in such an amazing memory? Here are a few unique ways to honor your four-legged friend in your proposal.


1. Tie a note around their collar.

Pet Proposal

2. Include a watercolor pet portrait into a monogrammed crest

Watercolor Wedding Crest with pet cat — Blushed Designs

3. Frame a family portrait of the three of you.

4. Make a “congratulations” video from your friends and family (and pets) to watch after the proposal.

DIY my humans are getting married signed. So easy and simple to make

5.  Have friends and family hide at the venue to surprise her afterwards (and of course, have them bring along your fur baby!)

dana point ca proposal party


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