The 5 Best Honeymoon Places in the States

The 5 Best Honeymoon Places in the States

While many people love to go international for their honeymoons, some like to stay in the United States. Here are some lovely towns that many may not think of when planning their honeymoon. Make sure to talk with your significant other about what your plans are for your trip and make sure you’re on somewhat of the same page.

    1. Big Sur, California
      There is a reason that this city is number one, I mean, just LOOK at it. With breathtaking views to scenic routes, Big Sur is the place to be. If you’re an adventurous kind, this honeymoon spot is right for you with activities like biking, hiking, sailing, and walks along the beach. Get a room close to the ocean to hear the sounds at night, make it the most romantic getaway you’ve ever been on. (Image Credit)
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    1. Charleston, SC
      If you’re looking for more of a historic route for a honeymoon, Charleston is filled with museums, art galleries, and amazing restaurants. They have a harbor that is filled with gorgeous views; maybe even take a boat out for an evening with a captain just the two of you and a bottle of champagne. (Image Credit)
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    1. Savannah, GA
      You cannot go wrong in this adorable city of Savannah, Georgia. With tons of amazing restaurants and cute boutiques to spend your day lolly gagging around. Make sure to check out the Savannah Historic District. (Image Credit)
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    1. Cape Cod, MA
      Off the coast of Massachusetts, Cape Cod is nothing short of a breathtaking experience. You can find a plethora of activities from whale watching to a relaxing day at the spa or even biking along the Cape Cod Rail Trail. (Image Credit)
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    1. Napa, CA
      I’m sure you know the number one thing to do in Napa, California, which while you can do all the wine tasting in the world, there are plenty of other things to do in this city. Napa Valley is home to many art galleries and world renowned spas that are to die for. You love animals? GO check out the Safari West for an interactive safari that you’ll remember for a lifetime. (Image Credit)
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