The Perfect Proposal Lighting

The Perfect Proposal Lighting

In the majority of our proposal ideas, you’ll find the words “mood lighting” or “…to give a romantic glow to the space”.  Why? Lighting is everything in a proposal… there’s truly no easier way to set a romantic mood than by creating the right lighting.  You can even replace some of your decor with pretty lighting (it’s basically a two-per), however you cannot replace lighting with decor and still achieve that “WOW!” effect.  There’s a reason that our most popular proposals have bunches of lights, and that’s because it’s aesthetically pleasing to everyone! Read below to see our favorite proposals that utilized good lighting, and where to buy them at home!

love light up sign Edison bulbs engagement

Proposal: Florida Lighthouse Proposal  |   Lighting type: Oblong Edison Bulbs  |   Get the Look at Home:

Proposal: Hanging Lanterns Proposal  |   Lighting type: Mason Jar Lanterns  |   Get the Look at Home: Jar Lid Lights

American at the Brand man down on one knee under chandelier

Proposal: Americana at the Brand Marriage Proposal  |   Lighting type: Round Bulbs  |   Get the Look at Home: Round String Lights

disney's tangled marriage proposal Proposal: Tangled Proposal |   Lighting type: Lanterns |   Get the Look at Home: Round String Lights

New York City Marriage Proposal

Proposal: A Case of Love |   Lighting type: Candle Glow |   Get the Look at Home:  Votive Candles


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