Tropical Bridal Shower Inspiration

Tropical Bridal Shower Inspiration

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen all the amazing tropical trends buzzing around lately. We definitely aren’t complaining! Anything with a pineapple, palm tree, or flamingo is a winner in our book!

Besides reminding us of a sunny, relaxing vacay, there are so many other reasons to love a tropical theme! For starters, you can get away with just about any color palette. Love pastels? Perfect! More of a neon type of person? No worries, you can totally get away with those, too! Another reason we love tropical- there are so many entertainment ideas! Coming up with games for adults is not an easy task, especially at bridal showers. Some of our favorite tropical games (flamingo ring toss, pineapple bowling) will have even the dullest of guests joining in on the fun! Last but not least, we love a tropical theme because of the decor. Below we’ve gathered our favorite decor ideas for the perfect tropical-themed bridal shower!

Plus, if you’re looking for a great bridal shower gift, our new “Hey HONEYMOONers” Gift Box is packed with fun tropical themed items that are perfect for all newlyweds.

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