We Say “Yes” Wednedays

We Say “Yes” Wednedays


I have a new magazine love. Real Simple. I purchased the Real Simple Wedding magazine, (to share a little secret with you I thought every magazine would be a wedding issue). :) Well, now that I realize it is not, I still got such a great treat with all the issues I have been receiving. I am going to share a few bargains I read in the latest issue!

1. Looking for flowers for your proposal, her birthday or your anniversary? If you go to 1800Flowers.com you get 15% off if you enter Real Simple at checkout. Can’t go wrong there.

2. LivingSocial.com You can check into this site for local and daily activities for less money. Want to propose to her horseback riding or out in the ocean on a sailboat? Look to this website for a special deal! Also if you send it to three of your friends and they sign up, your purchase is free!

3. EatDrinkDeals.com Want to spend a lot on the proposal, but need to save money on dinner or going out to dessert because the ring has broke your bank? This website offers up to-date coupons that you can use. Example: One appetizer and two entrees for $20 at Chilis. Don’t be afraid to use some of these in your proposal. It is great to be resourceful!



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