What is Wedding Branding (and How Do You Do It?)

What is Wedding Branding (and How Do You Do It?)

You may have heard of the term branding in the business world, but what does it have to do with weddings?! Branding is the process of establishing a specific image and theme, usually within a company, to help convey their message in an authentic and efficient way. This can be applied directly to weddings, too! If you have already started the wedding planning process, whether you have meant to or not, chances are that you have already been branding your wedding. This is a vital step when planning events to keep things cohesive. Weddings tend to get messy when there are multiple themes executed throughout the parties, ceremony, and reception.


So, what needs to coordinate?
-Wedding suite (engagement announcements, save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, etc.)
-Color Palette
-Overall theme (classic, boho, rustic, etc.)
-Outfits (If the theme is boho, a formal gown and suit for the bride and groom would not match)
-Decor (the same wedding decor should be used throughout the ceremony and reception)

Cologne and Sam’s wedding is an amazing example of a perfectly branded wedding. There style remained consistent throughout the wedding and ceremony, and really brought out their personalities as a couple. Notice how the invitations, decor, and outfits all followed their Hawaiian, boho theme to a tee.

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