5 Musts to Popping The Question

5 Musts to Popping The Question

You’re awaiting to ask the most important question. Asking for your girl’s hand in marriage is a momentous decision. We are so humbled and honored to be apart of such an amazing occasion in couples lives. Here are a few things we have found important to include when you decide to pop the question.


Photo From The Knot

1. Item To Cherish~ We have found fiancées absolutely love tangible items they can save from the proposal. Girls love the little things. Whether its a photo book, love letter, poem, prop from proposal, sign, ornate ring box, personalized playlist or professional photos from proposal, it’s something a girl will without a doubt adore forever.

2. Favorite Things~ Don’t be shy with this one. Including at least two or more of your gals favorite things takes the proposal into pure thoughtfulness. The fact that you thought to include at least two items she loves will be major points in her eyes. For example, throwing in her favorite flowers, dessert, song, movie, book, gift, etc. will heighten the romance tenfold.

3. Wooing~ As nervous as you may be, it’s so important to spend your energy wooing her rather than worrying. Try to focus on how amazing she is rather than if the proposal day is going perfectly to plan. As long as she feels completely adored, she will be in heaven when you get down on one knee.

4. Photos~ Take pics, pics, and more pics! Whether you hire a professional photographer or videographer to capture the moment, have a camera with you so you can take photos after the “Yes” moment. You can even ask a friend to go incognito and snap some photos. Trust us, it’ll be her eye candy forever.

5. Down On One Knee~ It may be an old tradition but it’s a classic one. The reason “getting down on one knee” began was to show deep respect for the person you’re kneeling before.  So romantic! Plus, something about a guy kneeling, asking for a girls hand makes our hearts melt, especially the one you are asking. A man down on one knee is typically apart of the moment we dream about as young girls; it makes the moment that much more breathtaking.



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