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They aren’t a large population, but maybe your lady is one of the few who doesn’t care for a bouquet of fresh flowers. The thought of the flowers wilting in a week stick in her head more than the thoughtful gesture. So then what do you give her as a little “thinking of you gift”?? Here are a handful of unique gift ideas:

    1. A locket with a photo of the two of you. This will become a beloved piece of jewelry, simply because it will mean so much to her. (image credit)
      gift for her that aren't flowers
    1. A handwritten account of the moment you first knew you loved her. Maybe writing is a special talent you possess, in this case a sweet story of your love written in your hand will become her most prized possession.
    2. Chocolates. It’s almost certain she will love a selection of beautiful chocolates more than just about anything you’ve already considered. Every woman truly does love chocolate.
    3. A special edition of her favorite book. If your darling is a book lover and constantly refers to her favorite novel, find her a beautiful copy she can proudly show off to everyone. (image credit)
      gift for her that aren't flowers
    1. New pillows, sheets, and a soft blanket. OK bear with me. If she’s anything like the rest of us she appreciates absolutely nothing more than laying in a cozy bed, nothing better to do than relax and clear her mind.
    2. A watercolor painting of the two of you. Use a favorite photograph as the inspiration and give her a gift so original and unique she’s going o appreciate all the thought as much as she will the gift itself. (image credit)
      gift for her that aren't flowers


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