Mondays for Men: Holiday Proposal Package

Mondays for Men: Holiday Proposal Package

Men, the holidays are almost here and chances are you might have proposing on your mind. Maybe you are traveling or seeing family and you feel it would be the best time to pop the question. Lucky for you, we have a special “Holiday Package” that you can purchase during the month of October and recent a discount for not waiting until the last minute. Yep, a reward for not procrastinating. All you have to do it purchase it during the month of October and use it before January 15th. The Holiday package will expire January 15th. We will be posting the details of the package on our blog October 1st.

Stay tuned and start thinking about when you’d like to propose during the holidays!! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years?! Plan ahead and take your pick!

One more piece of info you may find useful, The Yes Girls can also help you received a discount on customized engagement rings!! From the moment you start thinking of popping the question, The Yes Girls are your go to gals.

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