Mondays for Men: Thanksgiving Traditions

Mondays for Men: Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Veterans Day!!

It’s almost here! The holiday where we are all allowed to stuff our faces and sit around and watch football. I mean seriously, it’s like an average Saturday, but on steroids! So what are your plans for this Turkey Day? Are you going to eat from the break of dawn to sunset? Or are you more of the get up and go on a walk and then eat? Do you have a list of “go to” traditions? Here are a couple of fun traditions that you can do with your family and/or loved one this Thanksgiving:

  • Blessings Jar: Year round put different blessings or things you’re thankful for in a jar and then on Thanksgiving Day sit down as a group and read them all off to each other. This is a great conversation starter AND a great way to remember to be thankful year round!
  • Volunteer: Spend the morning at the soup kitchen, or homeless shelter together! Not only are you spending quality time bonding with your loved ones outside of the house, but you’re doing something really wonderful for others!
  • Backyard Games: Whether it’s touch football, or a three-legged-race, just get outside in the brisk weather together!
  • Start a Pre-Thanksgiving Tradition: The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving start a new family tradition that is super simple and easy to do (we don’t need the moms who are about to cook all day panicking about another “to do”)! Something like, ordering pizza, or everyone playing Monopoly, reading the same bed-time story to the kids every year, or a campfire. Whatever it is, make it fun, and make it original!
  • Stocking Stuffers: Get one small present to give to your girlfriend after all the Thanksgiving festivities are over. It can be as simple as one stem of her favorite flower, or a framed picture of the two of you! Just at the end of the night give it to her to kick off the Christmas season! Plus talk about bonus points! :)

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