Places to Propose in Nashville

Places to Propose in Nashville

When you think of honky-tonk, fried chicken, and Music City, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you thought of Nashville, TN, you thought right. Nashville has so many gorgeous places to explore whether it’s from finding a local coffee shop, visiting a historical landmark, or hitting your favorite dance spot. Here are some gorgeous places where to propose in this lively city:

    • Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge
      This location is a given. It has been historical to Nashville since it opened in 1909 and is total eye candy for anyone and everyone. It is actually one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world. With a perfect view of the skyline, this is sure to be a gorgeous spot to pop the question for all those Nashville lovers. (Image Credit)
      where to propose in Nashville, TN


    • Centennial Park
      Have an idea for an entire set up but don’t have the space? Why not do it in one of Nashville’s most gorgeous parks! There are so many spots in this park, whether it’s by the Parthenon or by the lake, your significant other would be WOWed by this spot. (Image Credit)
      where to propose in Nashville, TN


    • East Ivy Mansion
      This beautiful historical mansion has a beautiful garden space that’s perfect for a proposal! Plus, you can even stay in the mansion that evening after the YES as a hotel – yep, it’s included in the rental! Talk about “all inclusive”! (Image Credit)
      where to propose in Nashville, TN


    • Opryland Hotel or the Grand Ole Opry
      Now what a more gorgeous building to have in the backdrop of your proposal? These two buildings are two of Nashville’s most historical landmarks. They are gorgeous on the inside and out; they are both huge, as well. These would need to be thought out beforehand, but we’re here to help! (Image Credit)
      where to propose in Nashville, TN


    • Love Circle Nashville
      This may just be my favorite, and no, it’s not because of the name. This little hidden gem is a gorgeous place to watch the sun set over the skyline and get down on one knee. Wow, your girl by doing some research and setting up a picnic on top of the hill. (Image Credit)
      where to propose in Nashville, TN


Nashville locals, if you have any insight, we’d love to hear from you! Comment below and tell us what you think.

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