Small Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Care

Small Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Care

Ever come home from a long day at work just wanting to rest and order in take out, but the dog ripped your favorite pillow, your AC went out, and the kids haven’t done their homework. I’m sure everyone always has those tough days where they just want some kind of comfort and reaffirmation. This would be a great cue to pick up on as a significant other to do something nice for them. Here are some ideas that will make her heart beat 10x faster:

  1. Surprise her by making dinner
    When she gets home from a tough day at work, which you already know about from talking with her, she comes into you in the kitchen making dinner. Throw something in the crockpot, put some chicken in the oven, or have steaks out on the grill, this will ensure a happy happy significant other. [Image Credit Link]
  2. Massage at Bed Time
    After all the dishes are clean and the kids (dogs, cats, birds) are in bed, tell her to come next to you. Play some music and give her a short massage.
  3. 10 Free Coupon Book
    These are always fun to give! 10 Free coupons that they can use whenever they want. Here are some examples: 1) go to a nice dinner, 2) one free massage, 3) foot rub, 4) do the dishes for a week, 5) breakfast in bed. So cute and so simple! [Image Credit Link]
  4. Messages throughout the House
    I have always been a sucker for sweet messages from my loved ones! I know you all remembered when your mom used to write on your napkin for your school lunch. How about do this around the house? Messages on the bathroom mirror, in the refrigerator, on her favorite DVD case, or on her nightstand. These simple gestures can sure go a long way. [Image Credit Link]
  5. Spa Day
    Now every girl (or guy) needs a spa day once in a while. Book an appointment for your significant other on a day where you know they are completely free. Give them the day off by letting them have a stress free day by themselves (or with friends). [Image Credit Link]

These are only a few ways to make your significant other feel special. You should be making them feel special each and everyday. Thanks for checking in!

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