The Bro-dal Shower

The Bro-dal Shower

Bridal showers aren’t just for the ladies anymore! Bro-dal showers- an all male counterpart of the original female celebration- are the next biggest trend for pre-wedding festivities. After all, men put so much work into the proposal, shouldn’t they have a party thrown in their honor? We think so.


If you’re looking to throw a bro-dal shower, here’s what you need:


Depending on your friend group, this could range anywhere from a formal invite to a Facebook notification.  While us girls prefer the former, it’s easier to get away with a social media invite when you aren’t even expected to throw a party in the first place!

Food and drink-

Keep it simple and cheap.  Unless you really love to cook, stick to one meal that needs to be prepared (burgers or steak on the grill) and store-buy easy sides and snacks (chips, beans, potato salad… That’s what guys like to eat, right??)

Games/ activities-

We aren’t expecting you to make toilet paper tuxedos (duct tape tuxedos might be fun, though!) It’s always good to have a few activities planned out to keep guests entertained. You don’t want it to be just another guy night hanging out on the couch. Even setting up a beer pong table or a giant fuzzball game could mean hours of fun for little effort.


Yes, when you throw a party, you need to give your guests a treat to take home.  This could be a personalized six pack or some gourmet popcorn… Super simple, but still thoughtful!

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