Traveling For a Proposal- Where to Hide the Ring

Traveling For a Proposal- Where to Hide the Ring

When traveling for a proposal, it may seem like there is no good place to hide the ring where your significant other won’t find it. While it’s likely that they wouldn’t search your entire suitcase, the risk of luggage getting lost is all too real these days. Here are a few great ways to hide your engagement ring on you (or in your carry-on) during travel.

1. In a hollow book. Books are not an uncommon thing to have in your carry-on, so if she sees one in your bag, she likely won’t get suspicious! You can buy pre-made hollow books online, or make your own!

2. In a sunglasses case or laptop bag, two other common items that wouldn’t seem suspicious being lugged around on a trip.  Just remember to refrain from asking her to grab your sunglasses for you until you pop the question ;)

3. In your toiletry bag. Sometimes, the “messiest” place may be the best place!  She will surely not snoop through your mini shampoo bottles and shaving accessories expecting a ring to be hidden among them.

4. In a pair of Box Socks. These socks feature a hidden pocket to stash the ring box (you could wear them under your pants, or you could even roll them and place them in your bag for more protection while traveling!) and Hello! No lady wants to touch a guy’s pair of socks! Also, Box Sockcomes with a thin ring box!

5. Get a specialty ring box. There’s something to be said about “hiding in plain site.” Women have a sixth sense when it comes to special square boxes, however if the ring doesn’t look like any old square box, it may get overlooked!


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