Date Night Is … Faris & Rosie’s Little Secret

Date Night Is … Faris & Rosie’s Little Secret

Meet our friends Faris and Rosie. They’re an incredibly inspiring couple who’s love of the internet easily rivals our own. They’re currently off travelling the world, but we managed to catch up with them before they jetted off on their months-long journey. And during our chat, they revealed to us their Date Night “secret weapon.” Oh, and we also scored the go-ahead to share it with all of you.

For Faris and Rosie, Date Night Is… literally a secret. They take turns creating Date Nights for one another – which sounds pretty normal, right? The catch: their entire Date Night plan is only revealed to the other as the night unfolds. Talk about building anticipation…everything from picnics to paintball is fair game. Don’t you think it’s time you gave Secret Date Night a shot?



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  1. […] After digging around online, Ady (a blogger and self-professed “Jill of all things”) and her boyfriend Jason stumbled onto the ABC’s of date night. “I got the idea from blog world and Pinterest and wanted to give it a shot to change up our dating life. Jason got on board… well because he’s the only one I’m dating. I thought he’d think it was cheesy, but we’ve made it into a competition to see who can have the most of each letter in their date so he’s really getting into it. I like the surprise the most. We switch off and keep each date a surprise so it keeps us guessing. I look forward to it every week because every week is something new.” Remind you of anything? […]

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