Friday “Rocks”! featuring Jack Kelége

Friday “Rocks”! featuring Jack Kelége

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these engagement rings from Jack Kelége! I can’t swoon over this collection enough!! Just beautiful pieces; it was hard to choose just a few to share with you! The literature from the website says it perfectly:

“Jack Kelége is unique in that he is both the designer and manufacturer of his own collections. Jack’s attention to each individual piece is what makes his jewelry “heirlooms in the making.” Every piece of jewelry is tailored to fit its respective diamonds and gemstones with precision. Jack and his staff frequently work for months on a single design or piece of jewelry to ensure that their clients receive nothing short of perfection.

“Design is always subjective,” says Jack. “You may like a style or not. However, quality is objective. Above all, I want people to look at any of my pieces and recognize their superior craftsmanship and quality.”

It is this obsession with quality and detail that has catapulted Jack Kelége to the very pinnacle of fine jewelers. The company’s advanced technology, timeless designs, and innovative crafting techniques, combined with Jack’s unrelenting devotion to perfection, result in amazing pieces of jewelry that are, and will always remain, timeless.”

Platinum Engagement Ring. Set in Platinum, this Jack Kelége original engagement ring features. 0.78 ctw of Brilliant Cut White Diamonds, and 1.30 ctw of Baguette Cut Diamonds.

18K Gold Engagement Ring. Set in 18k White Gold, this Jack Kelége original engagement ring features. 1.02 ctw of Brilliant Cut White Diamonds.

18K Gold Engagement Ring. Set in 18k White Gold, this Jack Kelége original engagement ring features 1.02 ctw of Brilliant Cut White Diamonds.

18K Gold Engagement Ring. Set in 18k White Gold, this Jack Kelége original engagement ring features 0.75 ctw of Brilliant Cut White Diamonds.

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