Friday “Rocks!” featuring Joseph Jewelry

Friday “Rocks!” featuring Joseph Jewelry

It’s that time of year, and love is in the air! What a perfect season to get down on one knee and pop that special question! If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect engagement ring, I found just the place! I absolutely love the delicacy and softness surrounding each piece… so elegant and romantic! OBSESSED!!! Take a look at Joseph Jewelry!

Solitaire Morganite Engagement Ring

The centerpiece of this ring is a 1.44 carat round morganite with a delicate peachy pink color, which was just what the clients requested. It’s set in four rose gold prongs, and the warm tones of the metal really help highlight the lovely shade of the stone. The band is domed and straight across the bottom, and the milgrain detailing starts about half-way up each side. This is also where the filigree begins to open up the surface of the band, although it still maintains roughly the same width until it’s almost to the center setting. At that point, the band begins to widen more dramatically to accommodate the large center setting, and the filigree adjusts to fill this space elegantly as well.

Three Stone Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The emerald cut diamond provided by the client is 2.62 carats, and it’s held in a four prong platinum setting in the center of a three-stone design. On either side of this gorgeous stone sit trapezoid diamonds, both of which are also prong set and that total 0.55 carats combined. All three stones in the center setting are surrounded by a halo of bright cut set diamonds, and this halo follows the outer contours of each stone, adding a truly glamorous flair to the piece. Round diamonds are also channel set down the shank shoulders, tapering along with the band to perfect fill the space available.

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

At the top of this ring, a 1.39 carat pear shaped diamond is prong set in 14k yellow gold. Slightly lower down, a contoured halo of split prong set diamonds surrounds this larger stone, adding to its impressive presentation while also sending extra light up onto it to help intensify its shine. The band is straight and narrow, with split prong set diamond accents beginning at about the three-quarter point on each side. From here, they run up in a line to the spot on the shank shoulder where the band splits, about a quarter of the way from the top. The two strands that form here continue up towards the underside of the main setting while angling away from each other, and they hold lines of split prong set diamonds as well.

Antique Style Diamond Engagement Ring

At the top of this ring, a 3.17 carat shield cut diamond is double prong set in 18k white gold. It is a stone the client provided, and we built the ring to highlight its gorgeous cut and sparkle. The shield cut is an older style, and in modern jewelry, diamonds cut in this shape are most often found in the side position of a three-stone setting. The bottom half of this band is straight and flat. It splits just above the half-way point, forming two strands that separate and twist outward slightly as they approach the main setting. This twist in particular helps the band flow smoothly into the prongs holding the center diamond, and it contributes to the graceful lines of the design. Split prong set diamonds begin just before the split on the band, and they continue up both strands all the way up into the main setting. These accents line the cross pieces in the gallery surrounding the lower part of the center stone as well, adding a lovely sparkle and truly glamorous flair. All of these diamonds are lined with milgrain beading as well, which helps enhance the antique overtones of the piece.

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