Hot Weather Wedding Tips

Hot Weather Wedding Tips

Busy lives mean year-round weddings, even in some of the hottest regions of the world. Extreme heat is not only uncomfortable; it is dangerous. It is necessary to protect yourselves, your bridal party and your guests when heat is a factor. Take these steps to help keep everyone safe.

  • Time Carefully. Plan to hold your ceremony very early in the day or very late in the evening to escape the worst heat. Remember that 4:00 PM is usually the hottest part of the day when the sun has had to most time to heat the Earth.
  • Be creative with shade. Position your ceremony under a tree or on the shady side of a building. Order an open sided tent, but make sure the position actually provides protection from the sun at the time of day you will use it. It’s a good idea to order at least one or two sets of sides in case you need to block more rays.
  • Stock colorful parasols for guest use before and after the ceremony. You may need your officiant to remind them to take them down to allow others to see during the ceremony, however.
  • Distribute paper fans. Some fans even double as ceremony programs.
  • Provide cold refreshments liberally. Host a water or lemonade station close to the ceremony. Keep it non-alcoholic and hire staff to replenish beverages and guide guests to the best place for cup or glass disposal.
  • Dress appropriately. Don’t plan a black tie outdoor ceremony on the hottest day of the year. Your groomsmen won’t make it through seating of guests, processional, and standing up for you at the altar. Instead of a heavy ball gown, if temperatures are expected to soar, you might consider wearing something like one of the more bridal styles of white beach bridesmaids dresses. You’ll be vastly more comfortable and still stunning. Your bridal party could also consider beach bridesmaid dresses in your wedding colors for maximum comfort.
  • Makeup. Ladies should keep makeup light or seek out waterproof varieties to make sure it doesn’t run as they perspire.
  • Opt for the right venue. If your inspiration about having a wedding on some of the Hawaii islands is still a very sparkly idea that you decided to turn into reality, double check all the things that can go wrong. It is extremely important to check the weather conditions of the island where your destination wedding is going to take place.
    You might want to switch from a beach wedding to a place with a more of a cool breeze – such as ranches or private properties that are still very Hawaiian and just far away from tourist areas as they should be.
    Incorporating natural beauty in the color palettes of the wedding can look really magical, especially dusty blue and ivory with just an accent of gold. Opting for a right venue should be both: comfortable weather conditions at extremely magical venue.
  • Warn guests to dress appropriately. If you are having a destination wedding and your loved ones are traveling to your ceremony, they might not be familiar with local weather patterns. Send detailed information about anticipated heat, best ways to dress for maximum comfort, need for sunscreen, hats or insect repellant, and availability of refreshments before and after the ceremony.
  • Rent comfort. Work with your caterer, rental provider and venue to secure every possible cooling source to keep guest areas comfortable and safe, as well as maintain healthy food temperatures.
  • Read your vendor contracts. Live musicians in particular, and some other types of professionals, have specific weather clauses indicating the steps that need to be taken if the temperature exceeds a certain number of degrees. You might be contractually obligated to provide a shade tent, access to specific beverages at certain times or an indoor performance location. In some cases, your musician might have the right to cancel without notice if temperatures are excessive and will either be dangerous to the performer or harmful to his or her instrument.
  • Hold your events indoors. It might seem like the most obvious of all of the advice, but an air-conditioned wedding is going to be safer and more comfortable all around.

However, should you choose to have an outdoor wedding on a hot day, take the above steps to heart and do everything you can to keep everyone cool.

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