Monday “Rocks”!

Monday “Rocks”!

Good morning!  So, I think I found my new favorite designer.  I’m slightly obsessed with literally every ring in his collection (it will be hard to only show a few)!  His rings are featured in many jewelry stores around the country.  Each are hand-crafted and displayed with an incredible attention to detail.  His selection ranges in large and rare white diamonds, as well as yellow, pink and blue gems.  Take a look at this week’s ring picks from the amazing designer Norman Silverman

Oval Cut Diamond Set in Three-Wire Pave Platinum Ring. The center stone is beautifully complemented with a thick, diamond-coated band.  This ring exposes a sense of softness and elegance, but is still completely striking.

Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Ring. The beautiful three stones overwhelms (in a good way) the understated band.  Regardless of the huge diamond, the ring still “speaks” simplicity.

Radiant Cut Diamond Set in Pave Platinum Ring. Although it’s your more traditional cut, the size is so not traditional.  It’s huge… take a look at the side view!  It reminds me a bit of celebrity, Khloe Kardashian’s engagement ring.

20 ct. Round Brilliant Diamond in Pave Platinum Ring.  I LOVE  this ring!  I have never been attracted to a round center stone but when I saw this, I was instantly drawn to it.  Like all of Norman Silverman’s collection, there is so much intricate detail which makes each of his rings unique!

21 ct. Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Set in Pave Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold. If I were to choose a colored stone, it would definitely be the yellow/canary stone.  Aside from it being utterly enchanting, the yellow adds personality to the ring and sets it apart from the typical engagement ring.  It’s pretty similar to country superstar, Carrie Underwood’s!

The only thing I can say is that Norman Silverman’s rings are absolutely radiant, any girl would be absolutely fortunate to have one of his rings on her finger!  Hope you have enjoyed my ring picks for this week and I’ll see you all next Monday!


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