Ruses to Get Your Girlfriend to The Proposal

Ruses to Get Your Girlfriend to The Proposal

One of my favorite things to do when planning a proposal is coming up with a “sneaky” way to get the girl to the proposal location without suspicions. It’s so much fun to team together with these guys and find nice ways to “fool” the girl into arriving at the proposal! Below are some of our favorite ideas on how to best accomplish this. But keep in mind when you’re trying to come up with your own ruse, every girl is different! Some might believe these ideas, some might read right through them!

    1. The “meet a friend”. You start by asking a friend to invite you and your girlfriend out to dinner / drinks one night. Then, once you’re already on the way, your friend texts and bails on your plans. At that point, you and your lady are already dressed up and might as well go to a favorite local restaurant and enjoy a date night! Little does she know that you’ve already pre-arranged everything with the restaurant and your proposal is set up and waiting!
    1. The “I’ll have to miss out”. Arrange to have a fun Saturday with family members, then at the last minute a work-excuse can come up and you will have to back out. She thinks she is then going to spend the whole day with her family, when in actuality she is going to be pampered with her sister and mom before they lead her to the surprise proposal location!
    1. The “Let’s have a big date next weekend”. This one is one of my personal favorites! As you’re planning your proposal, schedule a date way in advance with your girlfriend. Set off as many ‘red flags’ as possible by saying things like “hey next weekend we should go on a big fancy date. Get all dressed up, you can get your nails done before hand, etc”! So she will be so completely focused on the big date that isn’t for a couple of weeks that your proposal will completely surprise her!
    1. The “Groupon”. If your proposal is at someplace that’s a little more on the ‘obvious’ side (i.e. a Botanical Garden, iconic landmark, tearoom, etc), then pretend like you found a Groupon of tickets to that place. You can even go so far as to photoshop a fake Groupon! Then when you invite her to this seriously romantic and girly location, she will think it’s just because you found a great deal.
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With all of these tips, one thing to remember is to keep your cool. If you’re calm, cool, and taking control of the situation without hesitation then she will most likely just follow along. In our many years of planning marriage proposals, we have found that most of the time gals just go with the flow without asking too many questions if their guys are confident in the situation.

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