What to do if it’s going to rain on your wedding day

What to do if it’s going to rain on your wedding day

I always knew that wanting an outdoor wedding in April was going to be risky. It’s my job to plan for Plan A, B, C and sometimes even Plan D and to reassure clients that Plan D is still going to be beautiful and fine. But, when it came to my wedding day I couldn’t hear it. I was absolutely narcotic about checking the weather practically hourly! Two weeks before when it still said 65% chance of rain I called the florist and added thousands of dollars to our budget to add more greenery and garlands in an effort to bring our indoor option up to the standard of my Plan A. (Lets be serious though, the indoor option at my wedding venue was disgusting and hideous… literally the equivalent of a high school gymnasium.)

Two days before our wedding the forecast was 85% chance of tornadoes. Not thunderstorms, or sprinkles, but hail, gusty winds and tornadoes. I was devastated. I cried for almost a full day and just tried everything in my power to pray away the rain. By some miracle it did not end up raining on our wedding day (there were 30 mph winds that knocked over all our wedding decor and nearly took my veil right off my head – but that’s a different story). But, in my heartbreak I learned some very vital tips for any bride with an outdoor wedding. So, here are things to consider and things to do when you find out it’s going to rain on your wedding day:

    1. Pick a venue with a decent indoor rain option. When we were venue shopping I told my groom, “I love that venue the most but I absolutely hate their indoor option!” and his response was, “if we have to move our wedding indoors you’re going to hate it no matter what it looks like, so you might as well pick the outdoor space you like the best.” While that was wise advice, he was wrong. (I love you honey!) Pick a venue that has an indoor space that you can decently like. Yes you’ll be heartbroken that it wasn’t your outdoor dream wedding, but you won’t hate all your wedding pictures!
      it's going to rain on my outdoor wedding
    1. Buy clear umbrellas and cute rain boots. Clear umbrellas are adorable and make for the cutest little pictures with your bridesmaids and new husband! Plus, you’ve been eyeing those adorable Hunter boots for years anyway, here is your excuse to snag them!
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    1. Research and find some cute covered spaces outdoors where you can take group pictures. It can be a patio or trellis, but something where your photographer can get the outdoor light and you can stay semi-dry! This can be at your ceremony venue, reception venue, or even a location close by that your wedding party + photographer can sneak away to quickly.
    2. Pray. Pray harder. And pray some more. Seriously! Send prayers to all your friends and family that you can count on to send up warm-sunny wishes.
    3. Then you’ve done all you can and you have to sit back and focus on what’s important. Go with the flow too. If you didn’t plan on having a First Look, but the weather has miraculously cleared up for 20 minutes, maybe consider sneaking in a few couple pictures before the rain starts again. I know it’s easier said than done – believe me – but in the end you’ll be married to the man of your dreams and it will be just a blimp on your happily-ever-after-radar. (Plus, rumor has it that after you have kids your wedding photos get stashed away in a drawer until your anniversary anyway… so we shall see…)
      what do to when it's forecast to rain on your wedding day


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